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the Marxists are justified in the view that those who
belong to different classes of society—even the ones
who are charitable and well-intentioned—will be unable
to escape a certain constriction of vision, due to the fact
that they are observing events from the platform of their
social class. Men may be more unselfish than the
Marxists often allow, while still being less capable of
escaping from the influence of their social class than the
enemies of the Marxists generally realise* I personally
think, for example, that if we took a vote in England
to-day on the question of die place to be given to classics
in our educational system, the vote would show the
effect that a man's social class may have even on his
valuations in regard to general culture.

One of the great weaknesses of young historical
students at the present day is that they know so little
of what goes on inside human beings. In times when
religion was fashionable and men knew their Bibles by •
heart, they had one advantage in that by intensive self-
examination they learned about the profundities that
lie within a human personality; they learned about the
intricacies of human motive, and the fund of spiritual
forces which enable a man in many things, though not
in everything, to conquer his environment and rise above
circumstances. In days when poetry was more fashion-
able and people had more time to reflect on the great
works of literature, students knew more about the deep
wells at the bottom of the human heart and the springs
of their emotions. And it is a good thing to read
narrative history and even biography in order to learn
more about the insides of human beings, the corridors